We all lead such busy lives and pregnancy is a great opportunity to slow down a little and get in touch with the magic of the human body. Our pregnancy yoga classes are not about standing on your head or contorting your body into complicated shapes. We will help you tune in to what feels good and comfortable. You will learn ways to ease aches, pains and niggles that may occur as you and your baby change and develop. After stretching your body gently during the classes, relieving tension and tightness in both body and mind, you will enjoy a deeper relaxation. 



North Oxford Pregnancy Yoga


  • Stretching - gentle safe poses and sequences to keep you fit and supple during your pregnancy

  • Breathing - techniques to help with relaxation, sleep problems and ease birth

  • Relaxation - to help keep you calm and confident throughout your pregnancy

  • Birth preparation  - ideas and tips to help in labour

  • Pelvic floor health - to keep you toned

  • Sharing - experiences with other pregnant women


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North Oxford Pregnancy Yoga

North Oxford Association Community Centre (NOA) Annexe

Diamond Place



OX2 7 DP



Current block: 14 Sept to 19 Oct

Next block: 9 Nov to 14 Dec

Thursday evenings 7.30-8.30pm

Call Emma 07786 488 76607743 128 471

email: emma@northoxfordpregnancyyoga.co.uk

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07743 128 471 / 07786 488 766


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